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January 30, 2007



so do we want to have wine and pizza?

is there a better way to spend a weeknight? I don't know. Maybe not?

(wish wash flim flam)


On a serious note, my job is ALL game playing right now and I'm so not into it.

f I have to say one more time, "I don't want to be involved in these games. Just leave me alone so I can do my work" I will def puke.

And then take vicodin so I can bring sexy back to rehab.


Passive aggressiveness sucks. No question.

Keep in mind, though, that sometimes people are just trying to exercise discretion, be polite, or in other ways behave with decorum, so what some could construe as "not saying what they mean" may have no more malevolent a motive than not wanting to run roughshod through the china shop.

Not saying that what's going on in your corner of the office isn't passive-aggressiveness, because Lord knows it exists in our organization. Just saying that sometimes people really are thinking out loud, or sometimes think they're being polite, not aggressive.

(I say this because a lot of times when I am thinking out loud, I'll say things like "would we want to maybe...?" and I have no other motive than throwing a thought out there.)

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