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June 11, 2007



Doesn't it feel weird when you sleep for so long? I always wake up with a huge headache and it seems the only thing that would help is more sleep.

Wow, Beav Jr. in the city!


Oh I get that too lazybones. My mum always says (and mums always know about this kind of stuff) is that its because you get dehydrated and hungry, but don't realise.

Oh cool, your little sis is visiting? :-)


Darren, your mom is a wise woman, that makes all kinds of sense. I was about to be like yo! lazybones, I get that same feeling.

When I was in high school and anorexic one summer, I would just sleep until noon, and lie out in the sun until 4 and then sort of eat dinner around 6 with the fam. You can knock out at least 2 meals with sleep!

*please note, that was fairly tongue in cheek and just a relation of a story from my past, not a pro ana statement at all. I was much uglier when I was 90 lbs*

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